Four Ways to Improve Your Raw Land

You know its summer when the thermometer reads 110 degrees here in Central Arizona. 

With the dog days of summer, you have to push a little harder to get things done and to accomplish goals. 

My new year’s resolution in my personal life was to work out more often and eat healthier, and I’ve been more-or-less consistent (I cut down In-N-Out Burger to only once or twice a month...but whose counting!)

Business-wise, we are so excited for the launch of our new and improved LandGen!  We plan to deliver a larger variety of high-quality land for affordable prices in different geographic areas. 

In the same way that we continue to push the envelope to improve our lives and achieve our business goals, there are some awesome ways to improve your land, therefore increasing its’ value!


Here are just 4 Ways to Improve Your Vacant Land! 

1) Improve the Access
How difficult is it to access your property? Do you have to drive off road in order to get to it, or does it have road access? If accessing your property is an issue, it may be worth speaking to the neighboring property owner about creating a legal easement.  The easement and road maintenance agreement will allow you to legally access your property by traveling through the neighboring property.  Doing this is typically not very expensive, and it will ensure better access and improved market value of your land.  Of course, each parcel of land is unique and each situation is different, so it is recommended to consult with a real estate attorney and/or title company to make sure the easement agreement is drafted properly. 

2) Run Utilities
If your raw land is located near a population center, in a neighborhood, or would be conducive to building on, it may be worth running utility lines to your parcel.

This could get expensive, depending on where your property is located, but the investment could very well be worth it, as land is worth more when it has utilities and can easily connect to the grid.  If the property is in a city or suburb, it could be as simple as connecting to power lines on the street and paying a hookup fee.  If the land is more rural, it will likely take additional planning and investment.  You may be required to get permits for electricity, water, and septic. 

Let’s say you decided to add partial utilities to your land by getting a groundwater permit and drilling a well.  This investment cost could be easily offset by the increase in your land’s value.  Perhaps there are other alternative ways to add value here too.  With solar and wind power becoming more popular as energy sources, you could get creative to save money and still create the value-add to your land.   

3) Plant Trees
Planting trees can add value in a number of ways.  If your land is flat and open, planting trees increases privacy and adds natural beauty to your property.  Trees can also add value through their use as timber.  As the value of timberland continues to increase each year, the returns you could gain from selling the timber on your land frequently is higher than what you can experience in the stock market.  Plus, there are tax advantages to owning timberland. 

4) Build
Building a cabin, barn, or even a storage shed could do wonders to the value of your raw land.  Depending on where your property is located, a simple structure is highly likely to increase your land’s value; especially if you are considering marketing your property for hunting, fishing, or recreational property.  However, it is important to be aware of your property’s zoning to make sure that your particular town will allow the type of structure or use that you want to build.  Also, be aware that your property taxes will likely increase when you build a structure on your land.